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Hello, everyone! I’m back again with a positive blog. Have you heard all the crazy events that have happened in the last month? UCLA was under attack, Muhammad Ali passed away and a recent attack in Orlando. I want to bring up an issue that has been bothering athletes, coaches, officials and school owners. USA-Taekwondo has not been the most “supportive” of people recently. This is where I want to start this blog. This is not a write-up of complaints towards USA-Taekwondo, rather some positive suggestions to stay away from the negative side of looking at it.

Everyone has something bad to say about USA-Taekwondo as well as something good to say too! Let’s face it, Taekwondo is an expensive sport with no monetary return (in most cases). So why do people pursue such an expensive sport? Think of it as an investment for your life. What will Taekwondo do for me or my child? Along the way you will learn many crucial life benefits that will help you become a better person. Ok, great! Now what if I want to compete as a competitor? What does spending all this money do for me? Well first off as a competitor in Taekwondo for the last 16 years of my life I can tell you that I have grown so much as a person just by the experiences I have had by traveling and competing. No matter your skill level, beginner, intermediate, advanced or National Team, the benefits and values will never be different for an athlete. While investments towards USA-Taekwondo could be quite expensive, ask yourself what is the value in it to yourself or your child. What is the value of teaching a child to be competitive, teaching him to go out and work hard to earn something, going out to experience the United States and possibly the world. What is that value mean to you or your child?

The United States of America is supposedly the “best” country in the world. Honestly, as of today I don’t necessarily think that is the case. There are 3rd world countries that can support their athletes not only to tournaments but provide a monthly monetary supply of money to help them as an athlete. It’s not very fun when you work so hard to make a National Team and you’re told that you have to fund yourself to an event such as World Cup or World Championships. So, where does the problem stand? USA-Taekwondo does not have the current funds (or so they say) to support a National Team to an event. A negative approach would be to complain about it and put the blame on them. Yes, it is their fault but rather than complain and point fingers how about you go out and raise that money yourself. Start a fundraiser, run some seminars to better younger athletes and feel good while knowing people are donating to a good cause, or even benefit the members of your community while having a car wash and getting your name out there to your local community. Sitting around and complaining will not get you anywhere! Try and think of it in a positive manner rather than a negative one.

USA-Taekwondo has many problems that need to be worked out. If I had a recommendation to give to you it would be these few steps to help you see life in a positive way rather than a negative way:

1.) Don’t complain, make things happen.

2.) Find the true value in what you believe in.

3.) Be a leader and make changes together, not by yourself.

Stay awesome everyone and work hard to achieve your goals and most of all, stay positive!