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When you set your eyes on something that you really want to succeed at you will make time for it. You will make time for whatever it takes to get up and succeed. Doing so requires motivation and dedication. It’s really hard to do anything if you’re not motivated to do it. I believe it all starts with a well rested night. It is hard to wake up and get out of bed if you get six hours of sleep or less! This is part of “making time” for yourself. I always try and go to bed no later than twelve o’clock and wake up no later than eight-thirty. When I wake up I am ready to start my day. For all you people out there who may have heard someone say “eight hours of sleep is important” but kind of blew it off because you may have other priorities, believe me… it is true, regardless if you’re an athlete or not.

Part of my training routine for the 2015 World Cup is running five times a week. Yes, the good ol’ fashioned running is part of my routine. I wake up every morning no later than eight-thirty and start my day off with a morning run in the cold. I am not sure if this is true or not but I believe that running in the morning when it is still cold outside has a greater effect on your lungs than it does running later in the day when it is a bit warmer. When I run in the morning I won’t run any longer than fifteen minutes. I believe running is beneficial for three things as a Taekwondo athlete. 1.) It puts you in a great and positive mood to start your day once you return home. 2.) It gets your leg muscles active and gets them conditioned for competition. 3.) It builds up your lung capacity to further yourself during a match.  The thing about running is it isn’t fun the first few times but after your first few times you will find that it is easier to run the more you do it.

Another part of my training routine for the 2015 World Cup is losing weight. This is such a big part of training for so many Taekwondo athletes. Everyone has their way of losing weight for competition. So far my weight cutting experience has been quite pleasant. The hardest part was to stop feeling envious of others who were eating cheeseburgers, Mexican food, numerous types of pasta dishes and other tasty food . Soon after, I realized I am cutting this weight by eating healthy and doing so for a great purpose. Cutting weight isn’t that bad if you do it correctly by eating healthy and starting early. One thing I like to do is put myself in the mindset of gaining and utilizing all the benefits of eating healthy versus not eating too healthy. It seems to work for me. Remember that you have to eat enough to keep up with your workouts yet lose weight at the same time.

All in all, there is much to be positive about in life. For me it is looking forward to competing and hopefully medaling at this years World Cup in Mexico City, Mexico. Remember that waking up in the morning is a new day. You essentially wiped away the markings on the white board and are ready to make a new chapter in your life. Set yourself a goal and do your best to achieve it. If you are not much of a runner I suggest waking up in the morning in the near future and going outside to run, even if it is for just a few minutes; you will feel much better starting your brand new day!