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Taekwondo has always been a passion of mine since my very first class during the millennium. Every practioner of martial arts knows that you’re guaranteed some bumps and bruises here and there. Taekwondo is not just a hobby or a workout but for some people Taekwondo is a life style. Remember that within Taekwondo you will learn a new way of life that teaches you how to be a better person. Many people go through their martial art careers without any injuries but when you are competing in a sport that uses your legs all the time, there is a risk that some sort of major injury can happen. Unfortunately, that risk happened to me.

Now don’t freak out if you’re new to Taekwondo and you’re reading this. Remember that you could injure yourself just by stepping out your front door. If you’re dedicated to a sport and you believe in it full-heartedly you won’t let an injury stop you and you will come back stronger than ever! Lucky for me my knee injury was only a meniscus tear and nothing else. I believe there is a fine line that separates certain humans from other humans. How bad do you want it? How bad do you want to recover so you can jump back out there and compete at your best? How much do you think about training again? No matter the sport you compete it, injuries may come and you must think positively in order to move past it. Injuries can really bring a person down! Sometimes they are even career ending but no matter the case, it is critical that you push through your injury both physically and mentally even if that means taking up another sport or moving on to something different. A good example of this would be my seventh grade teacher. He was attending a University in Canada and played football there. He was scheduled to be drafted into Canada’s professional football league. Shortly before the draft he blew his knee out and his football dreams went out the door. He decided he wanted to become a school teacher and help impact the lives of students and make them better people. From a personal experience back in 2010 I had my right knee scoped due to a meniscus tear and I came back stronger and a better Taekwondo fighter. Before I had my knee scoped I wasn’t a very patient fighter. After recovering from surgery I came back fighting a lot smarter and more patiently creating opportunities rather than hoping for them.

Injuries are what you make of them. Don’t be afraid to try your hardest at something! If you don’t try and take risks you will never see a reward. If an injury comes, oh well, take care of it and move on from it. Injuries are learning curves! You definitely know not to make that mistake again. You will see yourself come back stronger (if you choose to accept that mentally), you will find some inner strength you’ve never used before and most importantly you will have experienced what it is like to be knocked down and be able to get back up and keep on going. The ability to be knocked down and get back up and carry on is huge and can take you so far in life. The worst can be a blessing in disguise.