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If someone asked me what my favorite thing about martial arts was, I wouldn’t say kicking someone or getting a black belt, I would tell them that my favorite thing is the ability to pass on your knowledge to others. As any coach in any sport you have certain knowledge to pass on to others ready to learn what you teach them. Students come in all shapes and sizes; some more athletic than others. One thing is for sure, each and every student no matter their shape or size, has the ability to become a martial artist. They have the ability to be an awesome person and change themselves into the person they want to become. Sometimes a student may take longer to grasp ahold of a subject than another student but the point is that they will eventually learn to become a good person.

I love seeing a student progress even if it is slow progression. Have you ever felt a feeling of reward or extreme satisfaction after you achieve a goal you have been working towards? It feels great, doesn’t it? Now imagine getting the chance to watch that feeling come out within a student. Their face says it all! You see, martial arts is not just about learning how to defend yourself rather it is about learning how to become a good person. You will get so much further in life if you learn to become a good person. Always keep an open mind, seek goals and opportunities and be willing to help others around you.

I love sparring and I love getting the ability to travel internationally to all these events. Will every student get the same opportunity? Of course not! Will every student get the same opportunity to become awesome people? Yes! Sometimes the most rewarding feeling is not a feeling that comes from achieving a personal goal rather the most rewarding feeling is watching some achieve a personal goal right before your eyes.