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Hello again! About two months ago Samy and I started teaching at a local University by the name of Utah Valley University. Anyone who runs a martial arts studio or a martial arts program at a University knows this is a lot of hard work! The first day was filled with many students who had lots of questions. I would say there were about twenty to twenty-five students who showed up the first day of practice. I don’t think they knew what Taekwondo was really about!

As weeks went by Samy and I started to see the students who didn’t want to participate any longer find themselves going out the door. At first we were a bit disappointed but we realized that the students who kept attending regularly are the ones who were there to work and take in all the positive benefits Taekwondo has to offer. Our spirits were uplifted! The current students we teach are there to learn Taekwondo and their faces are always so interested every time we have something to say. Are we strict about everyone showing up on time for practice? No, but no one really shows up late anyways. Do we keep a strict presence about ourselves when we teach? No, but we make sure they know that we are there to help them with whatever they may need help with, not just within Taekwondo class but outside of Taekwondo class as well. Everyone walks in with a smile on their face even after a long day of classes and work. Samy and I teach them everything about Taekwondo including Korean values, respect, poomsae, sparring, weapons, self-defense and much more! They work so hard to understand what we have to offer them. Yes, although most of them are white belts, they sure know how to kick a lot better than what you think a white belt would kick like. We even have social gatherings!

I am really happy that these students who decided to stick around and take in the knowledge we give them are willing to learn. The values they are learning are the values that kept me away from typical teenage drama, drugs and violence growing up through high school. I never played football or basketball nor was I the “popular” kid growing up in high school and I never really cared about my “status” as a teenager either. I was happy knowing I was gaining the values and respect Taekwondo was teaching me while I was growing up. Yes, these college students are already through their high school years and off trying to find themselves in life as I am too but I really hope that they learn the same values I learned growing up and they take these values with them regardless if they stick with the Taekwondo program or not.