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An athlete isn’t just your ordinary citizen. I immediately think of Spider-Man when I wrote the first sentence, but athletes are similar in a way. Take Peter Parker for example, and look at his daily lifestyle. He is a normal citizen finding his way in life to earn his living even sometimes broke making it the best he can while dedicating his time to saving the city of New York. Aren’t many athletes also struggling to keep up with the ways of life and earn a living on the side too? Granted some have sponsorships, but they had to work to gain those well deserved sponsorships too. When Spider-Man is not working, he’s working. He’s working to do what he does best. That’s where athletes and Spider-Man share the most similarity! We dedicate our lives to finding an answer of why we are an athlete. Our answer are the goals we set each time we start a new training. Spider-Man quickly transitions from Peter Parker to Spider-Man as us athletes transition from one training/job to another. Spider-Man must eat and stay strong and recover to keep up with the constant criminal activity lurking around New York, just as us athletes must stay strong and recover to keep up with our training routines and daily life.

Spider-Man is pretty cool! Athletes are pretty cool too! The amount of dedication that athletes must put forth to reach their highest goals is a never ending battle. Don’t get worked up on your  athletics goals because a never ending battle means you keep working hard even if you’re already an Olympic champion or your the World a Champion… it never ends. Crime in New York never ends for Spider-Man. He keeps on pushing just as athletes do. Oh, and if you’re an athlete in a relationship, trust yourself and your “Mary Jane” will find you. That’s if she can get through your mess of webs everywhere!

In all seriousness, athletes are just like superheroes! We are the ones kids, teens, adults look up to! I’ll leave you with this… “With great power comes great responsibility”. Use it wisely. Stay positive everyone!