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Hey, everyone! I have not posted in a long while, but I plan to get back into posting much more frequently! I thought of a great idea for a blog and I wanted to share it with all of you. As a Martial Arts teacher, I see kids come and go quite frequently and every time, I cringe inside thinking what could possibly happen to this student who is quitting and pursuing other “recreational” activities. Parents tell me all the time about how “Billy” loves soccer or other recreational activities and we would like to quit his membership. This is something that I have heard at every martial arts school I have taught at and I have heard from other Martial Arts instructors around the world. I am not saying team sports are bad, but Martial Arts definitely has many more positive life qualities and benefits for students than recreational activities can offer. I really enjoy seeing students take part in other recreational activities along side Martial Arts because they get to enjoy the benefits of both!

I for one took part in tee-ball when I was a little kid and did not start Martial Arts until I was eight years old. I wonder where I would be if I did not stay with Martial Arts. You see, Martial Arts gives you very useful life benefits and skills that other sports can’t give you. Martial Arts gives you (just to name off a few) confidence, self-discipline, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, communication skills, respect (which many people lack now in this world) and a very important one, a reward system to watch yourself achieve goals one after another. Other recreational sports just can’t stand up to what Martial Arts can do for you.

The issue is that parents look at Martial Arts as just another activity for their child to take part in. Martial Arts is SO much more than that. For those who are Martial Arts instructors, we should make it so that children LOVE Martial Arts and we can disguise repetition with different drills and exercises so they don’t get bored. We need to create an environment where kids want to come back day after day! I can tell you that I am doing my best every time I teach to create such a place. For those who are not Martial Arts instructors, trust yourself to what Martial Arts can do for yourself, your child or anyone out there looking for a better life and a better self-person.

I enjoy traveling the world, making new friends, earning medals from competitons and having those moments that I would never trade for anything, but I am very proud to say that Martial Arts has shaped me into the person I am today!