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I started Taekwondo sixteen years ago after I was pulled out of Karate class by my father. I was pulled out of Karate for kicking another child after he took away my action figure from me. Was violence the answer? Not necessarily, but I do believe everything happens for a reason and this event definitely happened for a reason.

Not too long after I was pulled out of Karate by my father, my uncle who was in Taekwondo talked to my father about enrolling me in it. Soon after their conversation, there I was in a brand new uniform and a white belt ready to learn something new! Months would pass and I would earn new belts. Those months would turn into years and four years later in 2004, I earned my blackbelt.

As time moved on and I got older I started to see a difference in my actions and my personality compared to others. This mostly showed once I found myself in high school as a brand new freshman. The more I noticed differences in my respect and treatment towards others, I found Taekwondo more appealing. I was a very competitive person in high school traveling around the United States for competitions. In all honesty I believed I was better than most of the people around me in school, but this kept me confident in what I was doing best, Taekwondo. High school soon ended and I was off into the real world and college. This is the start of where Taekwondo really changed my life.

The more I traveled the world and was introduced to different cultures, food and expectations the more I shaped myself into the human being I am today. As I teach Taekwondo to children, teenagers and adults I appreciate the values Taekwondo really has and what it can do for others. I have had the opportunity to train and interact with so many great Taekwondo practitioners, coaches, leaders and school owners over the years that I can’t help but be so humble for what my life has accomplished. You really don’t know what is out there until you get out of your comfort zone and experience the world for yourself. Taekwondo has taken me on a roller coaster through life with many laughs and tears but I honestly would never trade anything in life for what it has done for me. From being that kid who front kicked another kid for taking my action figure to representing the United States around the world, I sure am glad Taekwondo has shaped me into the man I am today!