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First off, if you have never been to España before you should definitely pack your bags and make your way there! This country is absolutely beautiful! I personally believe that traveling the world to a different country is a great way to relieve the stress from your normal life. Stress is inevitable and it will always haunt you. I’ve been to quite a few countries and España is by far the most beautiful country Iv’e been to! On April 11th, I touched down in Madrid with Samery Moras and we stayed in a town there by the name of Alcobendas. We commuted 4 miles a day via walking to practice twice a day with coach Jesus Ramal, Suvi Mikkonen and athletes from their Taekwondo studio. From there we met up with NRG Matrix and continued our practices until eventually leaving on a charter bus to a city 4 hours from Madrid. Castellon, a gorgeous city off the coast of Spain was our set destination and we were very happy to finally arrive! I had heard so much about this city and I could not wait to discover it. The views, delicious sea food, hospitality and environment all made it such a wonderful experience. Friends were seen, the tournament was fought and memories were made. From there we were back on the charter bus to Madrid. Finally we arrived at 4am and departed ways saying goodbye to many different people. I woke up the next day and toured Madrid with Samery and we came across so much cool architecture! We stopped in a museum that had some letters written from Miguel Cervantes dating back to the 1500s. We found a wonderful patio outside of a restaurant where we were served Paella, Spaghetti a la carbonara, salmon, patatas fritas (french fries) chocolate cake and an expresso all for 21€. España was such a great experience that I felt I had to share it with all of you! I’ll soon be leaving back to the United States and I am sure I will miss España!

Remember to always take what you see or have with a grain of salt. España was the place to be! So much tasty food, fun and memories will be written to my brain from here on out. If you get the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, you should definitely take advantage of it and go! I hope that one day you’ll get to travel to España and see and taste the wonderful things that I was able to. Stay positive!

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