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There are so many people in this world with so many different personalities. If you’re a martial artist you will probably see the negativity in life a bit more than many others. Martial artists grow up being surrounded by positivity, encouragement and people who care for them. Unfortunately, some of them fall off the block into society and its standards that people have created. I’ve seen it many times before and others have too. The media, friends, Facebook and other forms of information will drag you into negativity if you’re not careful. If you’re not into martial arts, this blog post is definitely for you too!

How many lives do you have? It’s a simple answer. What do you often see on the evening news? It’s always negativity and new stories about how the government is ruining your life or how someone else was killed today. Over time this negativity starts to feed on you and affect you but you won’t notice it. Your friends may be influencing you with negativity and you may not know it. Check the place you live around! Are you happy? Is your circle of friends making you happy? Is your life going somewhere you want it to go? It’s so easy to succumb to society and its norms. The crazy part about all this is someone else will probably notice it affecting you before you do. Have you ever wondered why certain cities such as Oakland, Detroit and Compton have a reputation for being a bad city? Those cities have such negative energy within them that it starts to feed on people one way or another. Maybe some of you have never seen it before first hand. Do I recommend you go and put yourself in the middle of danger? No, but I believe at one point in your life you should go and look at what these cities have in common and compare everything. I always tell my students that while you have families that love you and care for you, there are many youth that go uncared for and turn into violent people. I really believe this is stemmed from negative energy.

I am telling you straight up, negativity will eat you up and change you into a person you don’t want to become. You were born to make a change somehow in some person(s) life. Be true to who you are and focus on positivity rather than negativity. Make a change in your life, big or small, to see yourself be happy. Make a change in your life to make someone else happy. Don’t give in to what society has set for everyone else. As Bob Marley once said, “Don’t worry, be happy.”