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What’s up, everyone! The longer you have been around in Taekwondo the more you have probably heard some ridiculous questions from people. Here are six major questions that we might all be able to relate to when when someone figures out you do Taekwondo.

1.) “Can you beat me up?”


In most cases, yes, we probably can!

2.) “Have you knocked someone out before? ”


Oh my gosh, this question! If I told you, you wouldn’t remember…

3.) “I’ve done (insert random martial art here) before!”

Japan samurai

Oh! That’s awesome! I’m just going to walk away now, okay?

4.) “Can you show me a move?”


Yeah! Touch me and your first lesson is free.

5.) “Are you good?”










Hmm.. Let’s see. Put this chest guard on and let me kick you. Then you can see for yourself!

6.) “Can you break a board?”


Why yes, yes I can! Thank you for asking.