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First things first, every new day is like a chalk board that has been erased and is waiting to be written on. It does not matter if you have had a bad day or a great day prior to waking up in the morning; you can always make your day a positive and uplifting day. Life is really a gift given to us. Why should you waste it being negative, angry, upset, bothersome and all of the unhealthy type of characters you can put on when it’s much easier to smile and keep your head up? I promise that if you start your day out on a positive note, you will feel uplifted, energized and ready to take on your day with ease and excitement. Here are five steps that I believe can help you start your day out on a positive note:

Step 1.) Make your bed. Right when you get out of your bed you should turn around and make your bed. Research has shown that when you make your bed you are completing a task and therefore you feel accomplished afterwards. Everyone likes accomplishing tasks so why not make your bed after you wake up and feel accomplished right away?

Step 2.) Look yourself in the mirror. Wow, who is that good looking guy/woman looking back at me? That person in front of me will have a wonderful day. That person will get all the tasks he/she needs to get done today done. A little bit of self confidence to yourself in the morning may seem a bit weird but sometimes you need a little kick in the butt to get moving in the morning. Why not do it yourself?

Step 3.) Take a hot shower in the morning. A hot shower in the morning will really wake you up and prepare you for the day. Everyone loves feeling clean and refreshed. When you feel clean and refreshed, you give yourself a little boost in your self-confidence. If you are brave you can really wake yourself up by taking a lukewarm or even a cold shower. It’s up to you!

Step 4.) Drink something uplifting. Whatever you eat for breakfast, make sure you drink something uplifting with it like orange juice or coffee. My personal choice is orange juice. It’s tangy, sweet and delicious! Just make sure to drink it before you brush your teeth. Drinking something uplifting will help jumpstart your day.

Step 5.) Locking your door and leaving with a positive remark to yourself. As you leave your home you should lock your door, turn around and admire the day. Say something like “Let’s go!” or “I will have a good day”.

Remember, it is your one and only life. No one else can choose to tell you to be happy or sad. There will be many times where people anger you and bother you. That is the best time to tell yourself that it’s your life and you (as in them) can’t ruin my day. Let karma take care of them and don’t feed in to the negative energy. “Don’t worry, be happy”. – Bob Marley