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As some of you may already know, I have been selected to represent the United States at the 2015 World Cup Taekwondo Championships in Mexico City, Mexico. Any time you are able to put your country on the back of your uniform, shirt, jacket or whatever it may be, it gives you a sense of pride and honor. The United States of America is a wonderful great nation! Whenever I travel, no matter where I go, I am always excited to return back to this great nation.

The 2015 World Cup will be held December 8th and 9th and the competition will be fierce! There will be some high flying action as kicks come soaring thru the air fast and hard. Spectators will sit back and watch while athletes do what they know best. I am motivated to fight at my best and I won’t let anything get in my way to train the way I will be training. The elevation in Mexico City is 7,382 feet while the elevation of where I currently live is 4,774 feet. One of my favorite training activities is running up a mountain side. It is so beautiful to see what nature can provide for you. Once I reach the top of where I stop running I can’t help but turn around and admire the snow covered mountains, the beautiful birds flying high in the sky and my wonderful future ahead of me.

See, the thing is in life is that you must find a positive side to many things no matter what the circumstance is. Yes, running up a mountain is very difficult but the reward is so much more satisfying than giving up and returning to your starting point. There is something about reaching a goal that makes you want to drive yourself forward to obtain another goal. When the world gets tough all you have to do is find a little positive in it and keep your eyes set on that positivity. The funny thing about negativity is that we see it everywhere. We see it on the news, the newspaper, social media, gossip from friends and posters/signs posted around town. Everyone focuses on the negativity so much that we forget to look at the positive aspects of life around us. We even forget to create a positive atmosphere around ourselves.

I really like Taekwondo because it creates a positive atmosphere around myself. The 2015 World Cup Taekwondo Championships will be a wonderful and positive outlook on my life. I am excited to see myself out there on the stage showing off that USA on my back! It will be great! After all, who doesn’t like authentic tacos?